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LG XNote R480/R580 Notebook Drivers for Windows Vista

LG Xnote R480, R580 are also16:9 Widebook. Get rid of those meaningless spaces and widen your computing experience. Perfect your moment with wide HD. There are difference in the display and graphics card, R480 is 14.0" LED and GeForce G 105M, but R580 is 15.6" and GeForce GT 130M or 105M. The others almost same:

Download LG XNote R480/R580 Notebook Drivers For Windows Vista:
SeriesO/SFile NameSize
[Chipset/XP/Vista] Intel Chipset Driver for LG Notebook (Ver
[Chipset/ITM/Vista] Intel Turbo Memory Driver for LG Notebook (Ver,046K
[Chipset/IMSM/XP/Vista] Intel Matrix Storage Manager (SATA AHCI Controller) DriverR480/R580WinXP
[Sound/Vista] Realtek Sound/SRS Driver for LG Notebook (Ver,229K
[Video/Vista] nVidia GeForce Driver for LG Notebook (Ver,214K
[Video/Vista] intel GMA Driver for LG Notebook (Ver,489K
[WLAN/Vista] Intel Wireless ABG/AGN Driver for LG Notebook (Ver,571K
[WLAN/Vista] RaLink Wireless LAN N Driver for LG Notebook (Ver,540K
[Bluetooth/Vista] WIDCOMM Bluetooth Driver for LG Notebook (Ver,411K
[LAN/Vista] OnBoard Realtek LAN Driver for LG Notebook (Ver 6.219.414.2009)R480/R580VistaLAN_VS.zip5,517K
[TouchPad/XP/Vista] TouchPad Driver for LG Notebook (Ver
[Program/Vista] OSD(On Screen Display) Program for LG Notebook (Ver 8.00.0905.1301)R480/R580VistaOSD_VS.zip9,393K
[Program/Vista] LG intelligent Update Program for LG Notebook (Ver. 4.01.0515.01)R480/R580VistaSetup_VS.zip15,274K
[Program/Vista] LG Smart Indicator Program for LG Notebook (Ver 2.00.0901.2301)R480/R580VistaLGSmartindicator.zip1,241K
[BIOS] LG Notebook(R480/R580) System BIOS Ver 3F21R480/R580WinXP
[WebCam/Vista] LG Notebook CyberLink YouCam Program Ver 2.00.2604R480/R580VistaYouCAM.zip52,854K
[CardReader/Vista] LG Notebook Realtek FlashMedia Controller Driver Ver 6.0.6000.20130R480/R580VistaCardReader_VS.zip9,931K